Ocular Surface Analysis and Dry Eye Clinic

Dry Eye Clinic

The SBM sistemi Dedicated Dry Eye Clinic is an integrated system for the analysis of the ocular surface carrying out individual analysis of tear film that allows a quick, detailed structural research of the tear composition and research on all the three layers; lipid, aqueous, mucin. With this it is now possible to identify the type of Dry eye disease and determine which layers can be treated with specific treatment in relation to the type of deficiency.

Diagnostics available

  • Interferometry: to evaluate the quantity and quality of the lipid component.
  • Tear Meniscus analysis
  • NIBUT: to evaluate the mucin layer and the whole tear film stability
  • Meibography: Images the morphology of the glands to diagnose any meibomian gland drop out leading to tear dysfunction
  • Ocular redness classification
  • Evaluation of blepharitis and demodex
  • Pupillometry
  • White to white measurements
  • Generic examination
  • Dry eye questionnaire

Idra Ocular Surface Analyser for Dry Eye